Daniel R. DePetris: The Political Docket

“A New Diplomatic Relationship”- New article published in the NJIA

About two months ago, the Northwestern Journal of International Affairs published a short commentary of mine about President Barack Obama’s welcomed outreach to the Syrian Regime.  It just so happens that I completely neglected to post the link on my blog.

So for those who are intrigued about President Obama’s new engagement policy towards Syria, I would highly recommend clicking here and reading the article.  It’s not an analytic piece by any stretch of the imagination, but it does briefly spell out the administration’s sincerity in giving Syria a respectable spot in U.S. foreign-policy.

Over the last few years, Syria has increased its bargaining position in the Middle East by attaching itself to some of the region’s most important issues (such as the Israeli-Arab conflict, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran), all of which the United States views as essential to both national and regional security.  Its about time the United States started to change its approach.



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