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Mission Statement And About The Author

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Hello everyone.  My name is Daniel R. DePetris and I am currently entering graduate school in the Maxwell School of Syracuse University this coming fall (with a focus on international security and terrorism related issues).   At the moment, I’m working on a couple of independent research projects that are either stalled (I like to call those “working papers) or in consideration for publication. Topics are numerous, and include a number of different areas spanning the field of American foreign policy and international relations.  These include the U.S. Military’s transformation from a conventional to a counterinsurgent force, the roller coaster experience that is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the many challenges that are confronting U.S. foreign-policy in the Middle East and South Asia.

Fortunately, some of this hard work has paid off; I have had the privilege of appearing in a variety of print and electronic venues.  But by far my most cherished work thus far is an academic-style article that I published last fall in a peer reviewed journal, entitled, A Comprehensive Counterinsurgency Strategy for Afghanistan.

I created this blog to provide a venue for people to share their thoughts and interpretations regarding some of the current international political events.  Please feel free to express your opinions and contribute to the discussions.  When doing so, I ask that everyone maintain a degree of respect for differing opinions and take a moment to digest each post before being so quick to respond.  My hope is that this blog will be a forum where politically minded people can come together and discuss issues and debate in a civil manner.  Discussion and an open dialogue will facilitate a better understanding of these complex global issues.

Projects Currently in the works:

1)  The assessment of Hamid Karzai’s political motives in Afghanistan

2)  Nuclear-Proliferation in the Middle East, and the campaign against Iran’s nuclear program

3)  The evolution of Al’Qaeda’s offensive strategy against the west

4)  America’s continued involvement in a post-surge Iraq

5)  The prospect of an international peacekeeping force in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

This blog recently celebrated its one-year anniversary last June, and I hope to celebrate many more in the future.  Scroll around, read posts that suit your interests, and contribute to the blogosphere!

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  1. mondoprinte said, on December 6, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Great blog. Very interesting!
    Care if I include you in my blogroll of my otherwise German-speaking site?

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